Hello 2017! How To Demolish Your NYE Resolutions


Even if you're not a huge new year, new me type of person,

 there really is no other day like January 1st.

The first day of a new month of a new year. It rings with excitement and possibility. 
There is a saying, that, time goes faster the older you get. This somehow rings truer as each year passes. Cya 2016, hello 2017!  
Whether you list your resolutions to anyone who will listen, or scoff at the need for January 1st to start something, the new year is here, so how do you make sure you succeed either way, and kick major goals?

We have a few tips!


  • Make sure to write down the things you want to accomplish this year. Not the small things, but the major things you've been dreaming of doing but for some reason, keep putting off. Whether it be purchasing a car, or finally getting to that yoga class more than once a month, if it is important to you - write it down!
  • Envision yourself actually doing these things! Don't just write them down and continue to do the same old daily routine. Make an effort to change old habits and your mindset to allow yourself to try before giving up!
  • Claim your goals. Own them. Write them down on post-it notes and stick them around the house. Tell your mother. tell your friends. The more you think about or speak about a certain thing, the more frequently you think about it, which in turn, natually leads to action.
  • Focus on moving forward instead of getting better. Often we set goals to improve ourselves, which is all well and good, but the concept of perfection shouldn't be what you are chasing! Aim to move forward and every so often, take time to step back and appreciate what you have achieved. 
  • Speak up. Always.