Blue Tea For Your Health?


Butterfly pea has amazing bright blue colour that never disappoints. As a bonus, it changes its blue colour to a beautiful purple, pink with the addition of lemon or lime.

Butterfly pea

Theatrics aside, this blend has seriously amazing health benefits.

1. Butterfly pea tea is jam packed full of antioxidants, (just look at its colour) and it has also been shown to have anti inflammatory properties. Proanthocyanidin and Anthocyanin are the major antioxidants, which stops the harmful effects of free radicals. Proanthocyanidin is one of the most powerful antioxidants as it is able to increase the collagen and elasticity in skin cells.

2. Butterfly pea tea has been proven to have strong anti glycation properties. What does this mean? Glycation is basically damage caused by sugar molecules in the body, and it is one of the main causes of skin ageing. Butterfly pea tea prevents this damage and helps prevent premature ageing of skin. It does this by flushing free radicals out of the body to help slow down ageing.

3. For centuries women in Asia have used the Butterfly Pea to promote thick, luscious hair. The flower has a high bio-flavonoid content - this is an ingredient used in modern hair products to stimulate hair growth!

How to use?

There are so many ways to get the healing power of the butterfly pea plant. You can add the petals to a salad or brew a beautiful blue tea. We have made it easy by creating Blend 3, to enjoy as a tea, with the added benefits of sugar balancing herbs, of Blend 4, which is pure butterfly pea powder, simply add to smoothies, acai bowls, other teas, or make a blue tea latte.

It’s great served warm, but freezing it into ice cubes is also so much fun!