6 Super Easy Changes That'll Improve Your Health Instantly!


Challenge one: You can’t say no to dessert.

The solution: The easiest way to stop cravings is to remove access to the offender. Don’t buy it, walk past it or order it. Sugar cravings are easier to avoid if you can’t see the jar of chocolate spread in your pantry, or don’t have packets of jellies in your top drawer at work, so give yourself the best chance of beating them by not purchasing them in the first place!

Challenge two: You’re not ready to give up your lunch and dinner dates.

The solution: Initially try to change your social habits and create some new ones that are associated with your new lifestyle. How? If you can’t resist the choc-chip muffins at the cafe you go to for brunch, pick a place where they’re not on the menu. Better yet, create new habits that don’t revolve around food at all. Book a massage, go for a walk or catch a movie with your friends or partner!

Challenge three: You’re always so hungry, you reach for the quickest, easiest option to fill up on - its usually something sweet

The solution: Crowd out the bad - Fill up on veggies, proteins and good fats so there’s little room left for much else. The satiety receptors in the brain for protein and fats work faster than sugar, and so we feel full and satisfied more quickly and remain that way for longer. We don’t get blood sugar crashes from them either so they don’t lead to cravings.

Challenge four: You’ve tried everything and still can’t quite quit your cookie craving.

The solution: Try adding fermented foods - kimchi, sauerkraut and co. can kill cravings. Not exactly your thing? Try adding chromium or magnesium to your diet. Chromium and magnesium rich foods help improve your sensitivity to insulin to maximise the amount of sugar we are able to burn.
Include foods like dark green leafy veggies, almonds, pumpkin seeds, romaine lettuce, raw onions, broccoli, green beans and black pepper.

Challenge five: You just need something sweet. Anything sweet!!

The solution: Try swapping sugar packed “on the go” snack bars to home made, healthy options. If you don’t have time to bake your own mid morning snack, try adding some sweet cinnamon to your sugar-free tea or mix a spoonful of melted coconut oil with cacao powder and eat on top of 1/2 cup frozen berries for a healthy chocolate hit.

Challenge six: Kale just ain’t cutting it for a comfort meal.

The solution: People use and crave food for so much more than to satisfy their hunger and feed their body.Ask yourself what you really need. If you’re lonely pick up the phone and talk to someone who will cheer you up. Feeling anxious or angry? How about trying some yoga or going for a walk. Want to celebrate? Get a manicure!

If nothing but a slice of cake will do, recreate a sugar free dessert! Find our favourites here!