Keeping Healthy During The Holidays


Nutrition, healthy eating and making the best food choices for your body aren't always easy things to accomplish, especially with the craziness of the holiday season! But there are few simple changes that you can make that definitely take the guess work out of it; and ensure you're feeling great year round.

  • Remember to drink plenty of plain water! Aim for at least 1.5L a day for non active days. If there is one change to actually implement, make this the first. It’s the easiest to do (carry a water bottle with you and aim to refill 3 times) and you will honestly notice a difference almost immediately. Your body is mostly water, so by drinking up, you will notice improvements in your energy, skin, appetite and digestion! Goodbye bloating - amazing!
  • Crowd out the bad. This sounds simple, but honestly, it works! Instead of thinking about all of the foods you’re going to eliminate for whatever reason, focus on all of the amazing, nutrient packed foods you will be including in your diet. By doing so, you’ll soon realise that you’re naturally including more whole foods and cutting your intake of refined foods. Food should never be good or bad, and by changing your mindset, healthy choices become a lot easier to make!
  • Include a variety of whole foods in your diet. The key word here being variety! Each individual fruit/vegetable contains its own little package of nutritious vitamins and minerals. By choosing a variety of foods, the range and amounts of vitamins & minerals you consume will constantly be changing, ensuring you’re getting a good dose of all required types! An easy way of doing this is by eating seasonally!
  • 80/20; Allow treats 20% of the time, and don't feel bad about it! Honestly, it really works! Especially during the holiday period!
  • Take notice of how food makes you feel. Bloated after that big bowl of legumes? Sluggish after too many refined foods? Take note of these signs and try to understand what your body is telling you. Seeing a registered nutritionist can help you 110% with this one!
  • Opt for vegetables over fruit. Now I know this one will be a bit controversial, but we always aim for a higher intake of vegetables rather than fruit. Try to include 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit a day. Aim for dark green leafy vegetables & multi coloured fruit! As mentioned previously, variety is key!