Chunky Cookie Dough

Chunky Cookie Dough


Choc Chunk Vanilla Cookie Dough

Imagine.. Good for you cookie dough that tastes exactly like the real deal! This baby does. Our recipe? Made time and time again until perfection was achieved! Chocolate chunks, nuts, vanilla, and a pinch of pink salt.

Box of 12 balls.

Each ball is 40 grams net.

Cookie Dough

Whats inside: almonds, organic brown rice protein, choc chunks (cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut sugar, natural vanilla) cashews, rice malt syrup, peanuts, organic virgin coconut oil, maca, cinnamon, himalayan pink salt

This product has a shelf life of 6 months, but we reckon they taste best enjoyed within 4 weeks fresh or 12 weeks frozen. Balls may be rolled in desiccated coconut. Please note, this item is Australia wide delivery only.

Allergy Warning: Packaged in a facility which handles nuts and ingredients containing gluten.

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