12 Days Of Christmas: Peppermint Fudge Bites


It's day 4 of 12 days of Christmas, and today we have something a little more traditionally flavoured - peppermint! Except, our peppermint isn't red and white, it's fudgey and dipped in chocolate! Yum. These little bites are sweet, minty, chocolatey and very moreish. They will store in a freezer for at least a week, let us know if you have any left over after that and how they're looking. Our last pieece was eaten by day 7.

To make this you will need:

  • 1/2 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 cup nut butter (almond or cashew work well)
  • 1/4 cup cacao nibs
  • 1/3 cup rice malt syrup 
  • 1/4 coconut oil
  • Peppermint essence to taste
  • A serving of our chocolate, found here

Measure out ingredients and prepare a baking tin (we used a loaf pan) by lining it with baking paper or cling wrap. Mix the coconut oil, peppermint, nut butter and rice malt in a pan over medium heat until completely combined. Remove from heat. Fold in the desiccated coconut, almond flakes and cacao nibs.
These extras are totally optional! On its own, the fudge will taste just as delicious! However, we wanted some crunch as we were planning on making layers!

Next pour this mix into your pre-prepared baking tin and ensure it is evenly (and quite thinly) spread. Freeze until firm, we checked after 45 minutes and ours was nice and firm. 

Mix up the chocolate and once ready, pull out the fudge from the freezer and slice this into 2 equal portions. Spread one half with chocolate - it sets quickly - and place the second piece on top, pressing down to ensure it holds. Once ready, slice your layered creation and dip in remaining chocolate and store chilled.

These bites are quite dense, so small bite sized pieces are perfect! If you make these, make sure to take a photo and tag us #hfp and @healthfoodproject!
We love seeing your kitchen creations.