We are so excited you've found us!

Join us on your foodie journey and take the next step in achieving greater overall health and wellness! Whatever that looks like in your world!

Here at HFP we are all about real food, real ingredients and really easy recipes! Not here for the nutrition talk? It's okay, we get it! Head on down and choose yourself a delicious snack instead!

Our mixes are naturally delicious and made with wholesome ingredients of the highest quality - to ensure that you're doing your body a world of good every time you rip open a kraft paper bag. We aim to source all of our ingredients from local growers & are working on an initiative to give back where we can (watch this space).

We believe in changing the way people think about healthy food by crafting honest, nourishing treats that taste delicious, are quick and easy to make, are sustainable and most of all, are fun to do. 

All Health Food Project mixes & blends are:

+ FODMAP friendly
+ Cruelty free
+ Vegan, containing no animal ingredients
+ Soy free
+ Egg free
+ Nutritionist approved
+ Proudly 100% Australian made and owned
+ There are no artificial additives to any of our products
+ We aim to develop products that will benefit you nutritionally 

After being struck down with multiple health issues, (relating to food), back in 2013, the concept of Health Food Project was born. We decided enough was enough, but we are about so much more than food!
We strive to promote healthy habits, positive lifestyle changes and most importantly, self love.

We know you already have 101 things on your to do list - that's why we are here to save the day by cutting corners the right way! Our goal is to assist you to get into the kitchen and mix up healthy blends to fill your body with honest and wholesome food, sourced with only the highest quality ingredients. 

Here at HFP, we believe that the most nutrient dense ingredients are grown, not made. We have worked hard to ensure that our mixes are full of ingredients that are locally sourced and perfectly combined, resulting in blends that not only taste amazing, but are also amazing for your body.

Our ingredients are individually packed into kraft paper bags and then shipped to your door. This is our story and the reason why we are so passionate about sharing recipes, good honest food and getting so creative in the kitchen.

We hope you join us and have a bit of fun in the kitchen.

Think health, think HFP mixes and blends!

We look to give back at every opportunity, from product donations for prizes and auctions.
No request is too large or too small. 
Simply complete the form in the stockist section OR email hello@healthfoodproject.com.au and we'll do our best to offer support.